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The Governor's Daughter Box set

The Governor's Daughter Box set
The Governor's Daughter Box set
Item# RMTW1

Product Description

The Governor's Daughter Box set is a set of miniatures to play the scenario The Governor's Daughter from Two Hour Wargames.

Four day ago you left Mission St. Mary (1) aboard the British sloop Jayne’s Revenge. Arriving off the Nobelongga coast at night your party was taken by ship’s boat to the Pirates Camp. Wading ashore you hear footsteps in the dark… The Governor of the British colony, Mission Saint Mary in Lemuria, has charged you with rescuing his daughter Tess. Tess was taken from a ship last month by the Pirate Captain Jones and is the apple of his eye. Due to the wiliness of Captain Jones the best chance of success lies with a raid by a small group of soldiers. You have been chosen to lead the raid. Onward to fame and glory!

Each Set contains:

Pirates-10 Melee,10 armed with muskets

Pirate Hunter’s- 1 Leader,5 Crew

A Mermaid

A Governor's Daughter (dressed as a pirate)

This set does not contain the rules. Those are available here: