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Earth Force Mk.I HAMR Suit

Earth Force Mk.I HAMR Suit
Item# RMEF1

Product Description

Earth Force Mk.I HAMR Suit
Grunt: "Hey Sarge! One of those new HAMR suits we have been hearing about!

SGT: "Well, la dee da Grunt! Why don't you stick out your thumb and ask for a ride... NOW MOVE!"

Rebel Minis is proud to present the Earth Force Mk.I HAMR Suit. The HAMR(Heavy.Assault.Manned.Raider)is designed to fit with our 15mm scale sci-fi minis. Sculpted by John Bear Ross, this highly detailed Model is a must for any Sci-Fi gamer!

*** One Model per pack.

Painting By Jeff Racel with some conversions.