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The Beautiful Game (PDF)

The Beautiful Game (PDF)
The Beautiful Game (PDF)
Item# IKP079

Product Description

The Beautiful Game allows you to play the action of a top flight Football (soccer) match. Decisions made at the Team Level by the Manager have to backed up by skill and luck on the field by the players. The Beautiful Game is a complete game where you just have to add the dice, the A3 size pitch and cut out counters representing the players will fit on an average coffee table.

Step up to using 15mm players on the pitch or make your own 1:1 scale pitch, the choice is yours.

Play one off games using the teams provided or ones you have designed yourself. Next use the campaign system to see if your team can cut it in a League or Cup competition. The rules let you play every aspect of the modern game, dodgy referee decisions, offside nightmares, goal mouth scrambles, professional fouls, hard men tackles even the crowd support plays a part!

The Beautiful Game comes with a full color 11" x 17" Pitch.

Thirty five 5/8" counters - two full teams plus substitutes

Rules for playing a Cup and League Campaign.

Two sets of player sheets gathering the tables you'll use for the match in one spot.

Two pre-generated teams and rules for building your own.

The game play represents the action one would see in a ‘Highlights’ programme like the definitive BBC ‘Match of the Day’.

It plays fast and smooth once the game is learnt so you can concentrate on the action, not on the rules. PLEASE READ:

This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download the PDF. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions!