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All Things Zombie: Haven Box Set

All Things Zombie: Haven Box Set w/Scenario
All Things Zombie: Haven Box Set w/Scenario
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Product Description

A Scenario Book for Better Dead Than Zed!

THW already had the best zombie game in the Origins Award winning first ATZ and now they have added the best campaign system.

Z-Day took mankind by surprise and for a long time there’s been no sign of resistance. But now rumors of safe zones are spreading through the land. They say the military has taken back large areas and local radio broadcasts are urging survivors to head to these safe havens.

But not everyone wants to go.

Groups of survivors have their own “safe” areas under their control. They are self-sufficient and doing okay. Not great, but okay. And they like their new found freedom and look forward to finding like-minded recruits. They’re making the best of a bad situation.

But they’re not alone. Gangs of lawless people have their own areas under control. These gangs patrol the highways looking for loot, prey, and in some cases new recruits. They like things just the way they are.

In Haven you have three options –

MILITARY - We allow you to command military units by introducing you to better weapons, new equipment, and a list of missions for you to play. It’s time to kill some Zombies and pacify the area.

SURVIVOR - We provide you with Nowhere Nevada, a self-sufficient community that you can explore, trade, and perhaps recruit from it.

GANGER – We give you a ready made gang, place to live, and opportunities to grow your power.

It’s all up to you…

All Things Zombie: Haven Box Set contains:

-20 Mixed Civilians and Rioters

-12 Special Forces

-4 Gangbangers

-5 Armed Civilians

-4 Paramilitary/Contractors

...and that's not all! When you buy the box set, you also get a free Scenario(Hostage rescue) download that is part of the campaign!

NOTE: All Things Zombie – Haven is a supplement. You must have ATZ – Better Dead Than Zed and Haven to play the scenario.