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5150 New Hope City PI Supplement (PDF)

5150 New Hope City PI Supplement (PDF)
5150 New Hope City PI Supplement (PDF)
Item# IKP10139

Product Description

When the Cops Just Won't Do.

In New Hope City PI you池e a Private Investigator. When the cops won稚 do, they hire you. If you want to be a Police Detective instead, you can still use these rules. In fact you can use these rules for investigating in any gaming period, with any Two Hour Wargames rules.

As a PI you値l be offered a variety of Crimes to solve from Robbery to Murder. The way to solve a Crime is to find a certain number of Clues based on how difficult the Case is. The more difficult the Case the more Clues you need to find. This can be either finding an Object or Questioning a Person of Interest.

Sounds simple enough but you値l be facing twists and turns as you値l be moving through all the levels of society in New Hope City, from the Movers and Shakers to the Criminal Element as well.

Inside you値l find:

Details on five types of Crimes and how they differ.

A system to generate and solve Clues, based on your Character's abilities.

Eleven different neighborhoods to adventure in plus a Transit

System to move from area to area seamlessly.

Thirteen Alien Races including eight new ones.

Mechanics to generate hundreds of Cases with no two ever being exactly alike.

Over 50 Professions to generate Victims, Suspects and People of Interest.

Info on the Operators from the Department of Home Security and their mysterious prey, the Cyndees.

Introducing the Gene Altering Xenoform or GAX for short. Seeing isn't always believing.

All this and much more...

NOTE! You will need the 5150 New Beginnings (Any Version) Core Rulebook to play.


This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download the PDF. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions!