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15mm Earth Force Home Guard(Mask)

15mm Earth Force Home Guard (Mask)
15mm Earth Force Home Guard (Mask)
Item# MAEF4

Product Description

15mm Earth Force Home Guard (Mask)
Private: "Hey Sarge, my mask doesn't fit well.."

SGT: "Well, let me call Earth Command and put a hold on this planet wide insertion until we fix your mask!"

Private: "Wow, thanks Sarge, I..."

Sarge: "Get your sorry butt moving dogmeat!"

Rebel Minis is proud to present our new range of Near Future miniatures. The 15mm Earth Force Home Guard(w/ Mask) Pack comes with 21 15mm Miniatures(5 EF poses) in a Boonie style cover instead of the enclosed helmet. They also feature respirators over the nose and mouth. Sculpted by Martin Baker, these are highly detailed and a must for any Sci-Fi gamer!

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